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Welcome To Alchemy Renovations

We are San Diego’s #1 general contractor for all of your renovation and ADU needs. Our team has been ranked the #2 fastest growing company in San Diego by Inc. 5000. We strive to WOW! our clients and provide the best experience for you.

Our Core Values

Lead With Your Heart

Relationships are everything. Care more than expected. Put yourself in a position to serve.

Be Reliable

Do what you said you’d do when you said it would be done. Be punctual. Be trustworthy. Be consistent. Be dependable. Your word should be as good as a written contract.

Strive for Excellence

If it’s worth doing...it’s worth doing with excellence. Excellence is NOT perfection…it is a pursuit. It’s about having an ideal and giving your absolute best in what you do to achieve it.

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Professional Team

Michael Ferris

Senior Project Manager

Fabian Garcia

Project Manager

Alex Camacho

Construction Coordinator

Alex Ramos

Construction Coordinator

Kym Prince

Project Coordinator